It takes a lot of passion, time, support, and hard work from individuals and businesses to make Good Beer Week a reality, and we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have made Good Beer Week 2016 what it is.

Our deepest gratitude goes to those who support the festival and understand our crazy passion to keep it growing from strength to strength, and for those who have provided financial support that keeps the wheels turning. The festival committee is grateful to everyone who has helped in whatever way they can.

Finally, a massive thanks to YOU for loving good beer and making this festival possible. Whether you are new to good beer, or a supporter from day one, thank you for supporting good beer venues, breweries, and making Good Beer Week the best that it can be. Let’s raise our glasses to Melbourne and Victoria for this years program. We say it every year, but it really is the good beer communities best one yet!

Cheers, and see you in May

General Manager - Marketing & Sponsorship: Kate Paterson
Program Manager - Siobhan Kerin
Communications Coordinator - Kerry McBride
Social Media Manager - Tiffany Waldron
Good Beer Week Committee:
Miro Bellini, Matthew Houghton, James Smith, Dereck Hales, Kate Paterson, Siobhan Kerin
Accounts - Dianne Harris, Green Book Keeping Solutions
Publicity - Zilla & Brook
Graphic Design - Epic Brand
Website - Daniel Thornbury
App Developers - Wemakeapps

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