The Crafty Pint’s pocket of Good Beer Week is a weeklong showcase of the best beers from Australia and the wider world. 

A dozen of Melbourne’s very best beer venues are turning over their taps to beers from the six Aussie states plus New Zealand, Europe, the US and, for the FIrst time, Canada. There are regional showcases in Geelong and Bendigo and, in recognition of the huge number of breweries in Victoria and New South Wales, two venues representing each: one focusing on Metro breweries, the other on regionals.

Look out for another PoO comp run with live taplist app Now Tapped. If you’re a Crafty Cabal member, look out for PoO specials too. And, if you fancy the ultimate PoO experience, then join The Crafty Pint and Ben’s Brew Tours. They’re visiting 12 inner Melbourne Pint of Origin venues across two tours. Each features six venues, four beers per stop, lunch, door prizes, discounts & surprises.

It’s the best way to get the full Pint of Origin experience, meet like-minded beer people, and visit venues you may not have been to before. Crafty Pint founder James Smith will keep you up with the play as you explore the beers from across Australia, while Ben’s Brew Tours will ensure you don’t have to worry about transport all day!

And, of course, when enjoying PoO, don’t forget to hashtag #PoO16.

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