Whether you’re a fan of molecular gastronomy, or more of a pint and a parma type, there’s no denying that good beer and good food go hand in hand. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Good Beer Week FOODIE stream. Discover what to match to your favourite beer style, consider new combinations you’ve never thought of, or simply feast on the gastronomic delights available. Whatever your approach, it will soon be clear that beer and food are the best of friends.
What’s a festival without a chance (or ten) to party? Our GOOD TIMES stream offers up more than 50 kickass ways to make the most of Good Beer Week, including a whole new series of music focused events to help you rock like the old hound dog himself. There are quizzes, scavenger hunts, brewery parties, blues nights, and even a spot of bowling. You could say it’s a little less conversation, a little more action!
New to beer or just looking to expand your knowledge beyond your chosen tinnie of the teenage years? BEER 101 has got what you need. Presented in conjunction with Little Creatures, this stream is all about showing how much variety can be found in a glass of the cold (or room temperature) stuff. There’s nothing Little Creatures and White Rabbit like more than talking about beer – give them half a chance and they’ll talk your ear off about hops or barrel aging. That’s why Little Creatures and Friends are presenting this year’s Good Beer College – a series of free beer sessions designed to give those newer to the beer world the best start possible.
Ahhhh the beer geeks. The Good Beer Week devoted. Always first to find out about the latest barrel aged concoction, always wanting something more, always ready with a curly question for the most experienced of brewers. For you, we have pulled together something special, with a barrel aging masterclass, special releases, spirits matching, and plenty of good stuff for those home brew aficionados. It’s bigger than even the geekiest beer geek’s lupulin threshold!
You’re a lover of all things beer. Someone just as likely to pick a good bottle to go with your Chinatown dumpling feast as you are to lose your mind over a tap list full of Belgian delights. The BEER LOVER stream will have you travelling from North to West and all over, as you check out Meet the Brewer events, tap takeovers, and the one and only GABS festival. You’ll be professing your feelings to your new favourite IPA in no time, because this is truly one for the lovers.

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